high resolution combined with compactness and good focusing

A compact charged particle energy analyzer has been elaborated and tested experimentally. Its compactness arise from the great linear energy dispersion of the electrostatic field on the base of which it is designed. At the overall dimensions of 80:70:65 mm and the size of the entrance and exit diaphragms of 3:0.6 mm, its energy resolution is no worse than 0.1%. Because great dispersion coexists with some sort of spatial focusing, there can be rather big variability ( 5 degrees relative to the central trajectory) of the entering particle direction.

The elaborated device can successfully be used in the following areas:

  1. In any spectroscopies where angular resolution is used (i.e. Photo Electron Spectroscopy, Spectroscopy of Elastically Reflected Electrons, etc.)

  2. In any methods where the cross-section of a probing beam is not small and contribute significantly to resolving power deterioration (the same PES, Low Energy Electron Spectroscopy).

  3. In raster methods.