EXPORTED TO: Germany, MaxPlank Institute fur Plasma Physik, Garching

Impurity pellet injector is compact, easily handled single-stage gas gun for room temperature solid pellets of different sizes and materials (C, LiH, Si et al). The injector offers the possibility of changing both the pellet velocity and the pellet mass, a widely varied deposition profile of the pellet material inside the plasma can be obtained according to a specific experiment requirements.

The injector was installed on ASDEX Upgrade tokamak and permitted to perform the first injection experiments. Another one was installed on Wendelstein 7-AS stellarator.

Pellet velocity

150 600 m/s

Pellet size

0.2 0.7 mm

Pellet contents (for carbon)

21017 1020 atoms

Propellant gas

He, N2, H2

Propellant gas pressure

10 150 bar

Scattering angle of pellet trajectory

< 1

Propellant gas throughput (to tokamak)

< 1016 gas particles

Total efficiency

>85 %