Санкт-Петербург, Политехническая ул., д. 29, Г.З., оф.234, общий отдел:  920-01-97, вакуумное оборудование: 920-71-97


The camera uses a cooled 2D CCD detector with a special mask and measures up to 50 frames with temporal resolution of 2-50 microseconds per frame. It was designed for q-profile measurements using carbon pellet injection on ASDEX-UPGRADE

Information capacity

50 frames

Frame dimensions

1024 × 22 pixels

Pixel size

9 × 9 µm

Temporal resolution

2 ÷ 50 µs/frame

Readout speed

1 Mpixels/second

Output data format

10 bit

The camera is completed with PC and CAMAC control unit.