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Repetitive pellet injector with screw extruder was designed as a pellet injector test stand for continuous long term operation. It is a pneumatic 1-barrel gas gun for injection of frozen hydrogen or deuterium pellets with 2 Hz repetition rate . A new technology of the steady-state continuous pellet formation and injection has been developed using a screw extruder. The screw extruder operates with small amount of fuel and provides continuous refill of the fuel consumption in the pellet injection mode. It can also form mixed solid pellets using different fuel gases. Cryogenic system is based on a helium flowing cryostat.

Propellant gas


Gas pressure

10 MPa

Extrusion speed

2 ÷ 50 mm/s

Pellet material

hydrogen, deuterium

Pellet size

Ø 2×2 mm

Pellet velocity

1.5 km/s

Repetition rate

2 Hz