Санкт-Петербург, Политехническая ул., д. 29, Г.З., оф.234, общий отдел:  920-01-97, вакуумное оборудование: 920-71-97


Tritium pellet injector was made for studying and developing technology of tritium pellet formation and acceleration with the goal to use it in plasma fuelling system.

The main distinguishing feature of the injector is integrating advantages of both the extrusion and "in-situ" technologies of pellet formation and acceleration under the variable injection frequency.

Injector has an automatic control and video monitoring system.

Pellet size

O 4-5 mm

Pellet species

H2, D2, T2, D2-T2

Pellet velocity

1.2 - 1.4 km/s

Amount of tritium: -in pellet

-in injector

-with storage system

160 - 240 Ci.

<100000 Ci.

<500000 Ci.

Propellant gas

H2, He

Propellant gas pressure

3 - 10 MPa

Maximal number of pellets in injection series:

-extrusion mode

-"in-situ" mode


not limited

Time of cooling of extruder to 10 K

1 hour

Overall dimensions

2500x2800x1200 mm


500 kg