Radio frequency inductive plasma torches

Radio frequency (RF) inductive plasma torch generates long term operating plasma discharge with the temperatures of 7000 – 10000 K. The physical basis of the torch operation is a transformer coupling between the “primary” copper coil, powered by RF generator, and the “secondary coil” of plasma generated inside the torch.

The RF plasma torch discharge is

  • Clean – there are no electrode erosion

  • Effective – no power losses in the pre-electrode sheathes

  • Large – not limited by electrode working area

  • Endless – there is no need in electrode restoration

  • Stable – in a wide range of gas compositions and pressures

We offer custom designed plasma torches with the power input of 1 – 200 kW coupled with RF generators (0.4 – 27 MHz, 1 – 400 kW) 

Wide variety of RF plasma torches applications includes:

  • Spectroscopic analysis

  • Plasma chemistry

  • Industrial wastes processing

  • Powder processing

  • Surface fusion, decoration or hardening

  • Heat stability tests for space applications etc.